Science does not and cannot exist in a bubble.  The Viral Science Lab is a collection of collaborative projects involving multiple institutions and people from around the globe.  Meet the people responsible for the Viral Science Lab content.

Below are the current leaders of the Haas Hall Science Club. 


Jake Huddleston


       My job in the club is to take notes on the meetings of the officers and also occasionally take pictures for the website.  I do this because I want to help the Science Club in any way I an because it is important for students to learn STEM based education.

Sophie Gaither

   Website Manager, Experiment Planner

          I am in charge of the upkeep and editing of the Science Club website as well as helping to come up with new experiments for the club to try. I joined Science Club to learn more about this years main focus, light and its interactions with matter, and to help others who may be discouraged by STEM to have a way to be introduced to it as a potential career path.

Samantha Stark 

   Personal Relations

         I am the Communications Director. The reason I joined the Science Club is because I love science and how it explains everything.  I also love talking to people and figuring out how to solve problems.  I hope with Science Club we can make science fun. 

Eric Wilkins 

   Logistics Manager

            I am interested in Science Club because I just think science is really cool and I would love to help others get more involved.  I collect supplies and the equipment needed to do the experiments.

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