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Videos, Experiment Handouts, Activities and Photo Gallery on Past Topics

Includes the following topics: propulsion of fluids with magnets and electricity in liquids, electrodes, electrolyte and ions, electrochemistry, batteries in series and in parallel.

Includes the following topics: making a magnet with batteries and wire wound around a core material (like a nail),  batteries in series and in parallel, magnetism, using compasses and a magnetometer to measure magnetic field

Includes the following topics: what is Bernoulli's principle, suspending ping pong balls with a hair dryer, opposing forces, angle measurements

Includes the following topics: converting electronic current to ionic current, electrodes, electrolyte and ions.

Includes the following topics:  interactions of different forces, forces of gravity and drag of air, and the different forces involved in MHD

Graduate students discuss research in layman's terms, three-minute thesis presentations, and field trip to the university

Fun with hands-on science

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